• Industrial Automation   consultancy & solutions
  • Battery testing, Power quality Audit & Analysis
  • Datacenter automation & consultancy
  • Hybrid & Solar Power Solutions
  • UPS repair and battery replacement

Industrial Automation consultancy & solutions

Best Power Controls offers Industrial Automation consultancy & solutions with advanced technologies. Our team of highly skilled professionals makes it sure that the quality of each work is given at high standard equally as in small scale, medium scale and large scale industries whether it be private sector or public sector.

Battery testing, Power quality Audit & Analysis

Best Power Controls gives complete solutions for battery testing, power quality audit and analysis with the aid of sophisticated machinery and skilled engineers. We employ all the tests required for testing, make proper analysis and work accordingly. The in-depth analysis of the power quality which leads to measurements and evaluation will help to mitigate power failure.

Datacenter automation & consultancy

Best Power controls believe in supplying honesty, integrity, and accountability to our customers. We listen to our customer’s requirements, assess their situations, and then implement the easiest and most cost effective solutions available to date. Data center automation and consulting from Best Power Controls can help you implement and manage your data center environment in the best possible way.

Hybrid & Solar Power Solutions

Best Power Controls employs the best technology for hybrid solar power solutions whether it be in telecom towers, construction sites, or any other location where off-grid power may be required. Our Hybrid Solar Power Solutions combines all the latest technologies in such a way that the aggregate system outputs are far greater than those produced by the components individually.

UPS repair and battery replacement

Best Power Controls stocks full range of UPS repair and battery replacement kits accompanied by skilled engineers to provide you state-of-the-art solutions for any kind of troubleshooting or difficulty in your systems. As maintaining the proper working function of your uninterruptible power system can prevent costly downtime. We help you to avoid throwing away or just put you’re UPS in the store room, thus creating another piece of rubbish to this green world.

Supply & Installation of pump monitoring & controls

Best Power Controls has an experienced team for pump monitoring device and control systems who uses quality products and systems to ensure installation be achieved with minimum downtime and very low cost. Through the application of advanced technologies, our products helps customers proactively manage their plant assets to increase plant uptime and reduce equipment life cycle costs.

Variable frequency drives

Best Power Controls offers Variable frequency drives for applications ranging from small appliances to the largest of mine mill drives and compressors. Our variable frequency drives can be seamlessly integrated into a variety of building management systems to improve the flexibility of your HVAC systems and lower your operating costs.

Power factor Correction and Energy Conservation

Best Power Controls arrange a professional power factor correction solution and equipment supply for any business, commercial or industrial site or building. Power factor correction can boost up your profits by:

  • Decreasing electrical maintenance bills
  • Lowered power demand
  • Reducing circuit breaker trip-outs due to current overload

Consultancy of lighting and Av project design, Automation

Best Power Controls are recognized consultancy services for lighting & audio/video project design. Maintaining a personal service remains of prime importance to us. We have designed and installed quality audio/video systems for lots of satisfied customers. We are also specialists in indoor/outdoor lighting by providing more than just the delivery of reliable and professional lighting products.

Load testing and Power systems repairs and service

Best Power Controls use specialist testing engineers and up to date equipments to provide you detailed analysis and report for all kinds of circuits and devices. Our service team is dedicated to provide our customers with the best value for their money by minimizing downtime and maximizing the life of machine.

  • Supply & Installation of pump monitoring & controls
  • Variable frequency drives
  • Power factor Correction and Energy Conservation
  • Consultancy of lighting and Av project design, Automation
  • Load testing and Power systems repairs and service

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